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For young talents - the best gift for Children's Day

The day before June 1, the results and additional prizes of the online spring competitions "Benefis Foundation" - "Digi-Form-Art of Culture Caravan" and "Star Bridge of the Islands Worldwide" were published.

611 participants from 30 countries took part in the competition eliminations: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Germany, Malta, Romania, Venezuela, Kosovo, Nigeria and others.

The 417 entries submitted were evaluated by a large international jury working remotely, via the Internet. The artistic committee invited by the organizer consisted of distinguished cultural activists, educators and instructors – personalities experienced in the fields of vocals, instrumental music, choreography, theater, visual arts and fashion theater.

The jury evaluated the selection of repertoire, the skills of the performers, artistry, the choice of costumes and props, the general artistic expression. The assessment of the participants was individual depending on their age.

This time, the "Star Bridge of the Islands Worldwide" competition was organized by the "Benefis Foundation" (Wolin Island) together with the partner of "Zena's Creative Dance Academy" from the city of Sangre Grande in Trinidad and Tobago (island of Trinidad).

Undoubtedly, jointly implemented international educational and cultural projects play a key role in cooperation between institutions. Houses and cultural centers, dance or vocal studios jointly create new methodologies, develop common solutions and exchange good practices. It is a real transfer of knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the tasks resulting from the statutory objectives of these cultural and educational institutions.

After watching the recordings, by a special decision of the Chairman and Vice-President of the Jury, it was decided to award the Grand Prix for each nomination separately.

"Digi-Form-Art" competition ("Caravan of Culture"):

GRAND-PRIX VOCAL, 16-19 y.o. (Junior IV)

Victoria Lubszczyk

Instructor Alicja Pastuszka-Koczar

BALLO Society, Poland, Żory


GRAND-PRIX VISUAL ARTS, 26+ y.o. (Senior II)

Marina Dobromyslova

Harmony Ballet and Music Centre, United Arab Emirates, Dubai



Bands "Passionate", "Golden Age", "Eagles 60 Plus", Cabaret "Senior+Rita"

Instructor Krystyna Żak

Polish Association of Pensioners, Pensioners and Invalids Drezdenko, Poland, Drezdenko


GRAND-PRIX PIANO, 10-12 y.o. (Junior II)

Eteea Emilia Ilica

Educator Alina Viliga

Colegiul de Arte "Sabin Dragoi", Romania, Arad


GRAND-PRIX MUSIC, 13-15 y.o. (Junior III)

Abdukhokimov Bunyodbek

Educator Belyakov Konstantin, Accompanist Mukhammedova Maryam

R. Glier RSMSh, Uzbekistan, Tashkent


GRAND-PRIX DANCE, 10-12 y.o. (Junior II)

Gaja Zawada

Instructor Dominika Cybulska-Musz

D WAY OF LIFE, Poland, Tychy

"Star Bridge" competition:

GRAND-PRIX VOCAL, 13-15 y.o. (Junior III)

Lara Carić

Instructor Andrea Radjenović

Croatia, Zagreb


GRAND-PRIX VISUAL ARTS, 7 - 9 y.o. (Junior I)

Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou

Cyprus, Nicosia


GRAND-PRIX DRAMA, 13-15 y.o. (Junior III)

Eleanor Eliades

Instructor Niovi Spyridaki

Character Acting Studio, Cyprus, Limassol


GRAND-PRIX MUSIC, 13-15 y.o. (Junior III)


Poland, Koszalin


In addition to diplomas and thanks, the ensembles and soloists received additional awards from the co-organizers, partners and sponsors of the artistic projects "Caravan of Culture" and "Islands All the World". The best received special certificates and invitations to participate free or reduced in international competitions in New Zealand, France, Italy, Romania, Estonia, Israel, Poland.


The "Benefis Foundation" would like to thank the jurors, partners, co-organizers and patrons for their help and support for the spring edition of the "Digi-Form-Art of Culture Caravan" and "Star Bridge of the Islands Worldwide" competitions.


We would like to congratulate all participants on the results and encourage them to continue their creative activity and participate in the competitions of the spring edition.


Benefis Foundation, Wolin