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International Festival and Vocal Competition "Vistula Sounds"

The International Festival and Vocal Competition under the name "Sounds of the Vistula" / "Vistula Sounds" is an annual, cyclical event, of international scope, with the participation of foreign and Polish participants, guests and jurors. It is characterized by a high artistic and organizational level. The festival has a coherent concept, although it combines various cultural, entertainment and educational events in vocal, stage and artistic aspects. As part of the Festival, there will be 2 competitions, 2 concerts and 2 trips promoting Ciechocinek and Toruń, 2 meetings of international cultural exchange, as well as Master Classes, conducted by international jurors. The aim of the Festival is also to promote our country, Polish culture and traditions among the young generation of Polish and foreign participants, as well as guests. In addition, the Festival, as an event open to thousands of people, enriches the extensive cultural and entertainment offer of Ciechocinek with an attractive, multicultural event at a high level for patients, residents and tourists.

We make every effort to ensure that our Participants, Guests and Spectators impatiently await the railway edition of "Sounds of the Vistula".

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the Festival, contained in the Regulations, the Program and the description under the name Stay on the organizer's website.

Applications until 1.07.2022




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