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"Women from the People's Republic of Poland. Beauty and work" – outdoor exhibition and meeting with the author of photography Andrzej Ryfczyński

The Municipal Public Library and the International House of Culture in Międzyzdroje invite you to a meeting with the author of the photography exhibition Andrzej Ryfczyński, entitled "Women from the People's Republic of Poland. Beauty and Work", which will take place on 8 September 2021 at 18.00 in the Fryderyk Chopin Spa Park in Międzyzdroje. In case of bad weather, the vernissage will take place in the MDK Theatre Hall in Międzyzdroje. Admission.

"They lay in boxes for half a century." Yes, Mr. Andrzej started a telephone conversation when he called the Międzyzdroje library with a proposal for an exhibition. We knew that old photos are like wine, they will have their depth, taste, and with each photo you will be able to tell an endless story. This is what happened when Mr. Andrzej came to the library with photos. We had a feeling that these clichés, apart from women, would present the history of fashion, customs, prose of life of those years, places, people who are no longer there... This time, too, intuition did not disappoint us. Women, girls, friends, employees, artists, mothers - heroines of photos posed or taken surreptitiously have become part of the collection of artistic photography, where truth, life and beauty that have different faces count.

The author of the exhibition is Andrzej Ryfczyński. It is safe to say about him "orchestra man", an extraordinary photographer. Few! A master of photography, for whom the most important thing in this profession is thoughtful reportage photography. He learned it by making stills for films as a co-founder of the amateur Film Club "Horyzont". He started his adult life as a mechanic of ship engines, then he graduated in pedagogy, became a journalist and entrepreneur. As a young boy, he fell in love with photography. He made a darkroom in the bathroom, and the first enlarger from a milk can, because in those days you lived modestly. You had to be, just creative. According to Andrzej Ryfczyński, the reputation of a good photographer is evidenced by whether he can "tell with photography". Sam represents the good old school of photography, where every detail, light, perspective counts... Thanks to one shot of lightning, he got a lump sum job in "Głos Szczeciński". Later, in Świnoujście, he opened a photographic studio "Fotos" and was the first on the islands to smuggle colors for photos. If he wrote his CV, he would have to include a separate paragraph about the function of instructor / Manager in the District House of Culture in Świnoujście, where he was also employed. Andrzej Ryfczyński's culture has always been attracted to. To this day, he is called the "king of Fama's photography" in Świnoujście, he has had a collection of photos since the beginning of the festival. Next to Józef Pluciński's materials, Andrzej Ryfczyński's archive is one of the few mines of knowledge about the islands of Usedom and Wolin. He donated the first part (about a quarter of a million) of the collection to the State Archives located on Biała Góra. He settled with his beloved wife in Lubin, has 2 sons. About Sławek, who continues his photographic passion, he says jokingly that he was born in a litter box, which is why he "snaps", just like his father. Andrzej Ryfczyński - an incorrigible storyteller, he is full of him everywhere, but when his grandchildren come home, he becomes a patient and listening grandfather.

Director and Employees of the Municipal Public Library in Międzyzdroje.