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About the culture

West Pomeranian Voivodeship is famous for its rich cultural offer. It is a meeting place for artists from different worlds: musicians, dancers, poets, writers, actors, reciters and many, many others. It's no wonder that so many were built in the administrative homes and centres of culture. But how do you find information about the held events, where the check got all cultural objects and how to cope with the fact that all of these data were so far scattered all over the Internet?

Thanks to our site, all the necessary information about the cultural life of the West, you can find in the culture. Just a few simple clicks and you will learn what are the contact details of centres of culture, as they look to their logo, and most of all: when and what cultural events took place or will take place in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. No more searching around the Internet, finally, information has been posted in one convenient place.

We took care of every possible aspect of your visit in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, and from now on, on one and the same website you will find not only cultural, but also the list of attractions and tourist facilities in the tourism.

On our site plan also the practicality of your trip: you can find the hotels via the bookmark accommodation, find worthy of a visit and reviewed restaurants, and even organize a transport with the carrier of your choice, you will learn about on a specially designated for this purpose, category on our site.

For travelers, but residents of West Pomeranian put three very necessary categories such as service, where you can search for necessary information and wanted by You in the administrative services, important -and so the place, collecting data about the local service stations, hospitals, pharmacies and provide 24-hour police headquarters, as well as counties, where you will find information about all existing in the administrative offices, both urban, District and municipal.

This page is a compendium of knowledge, necessary both for all visitors of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, as well as for its permanent residents, seeking urgent information. Thanks to a handy interactive map to easily find the needed You is a commune without having to remember the exact name of it and without the knowledge of the postal code, and then from the drop-down list, you will learn all you need know about.

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