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21.03.2020 Amber Stars / Dance Islands Open - 16th edition of the International Project Caravan of Culture

Amber Stars/Dance Islands Open ()-the 15TH Edition of the international Caravan project culture. The objectives of the caravan Culture – supporting the development of Arts in universities from our region. Residents form a culture based on their own traditions of old and emerging contemporary, this is particularly true of instrumental music, songs, dances and costumes to the presentation of the culture. The concerts offer greater chances of promotion of this work, the authors and performers, both in the country and outside its borders. Concert artists is also a possibility of exchange of experience, enrich and expand your repertoire, the conclusion of the friendship and overall integration of amateur art movement.

·       presentation of the artistic achievements of children, young people and adults

·       the development of artistic skills

·       Exchange of experience

·       promoting cultural education of children, young people and adults

·       integration of professional artists from amateur artistic movement

In the Festival can take part groups, interests, teams working in schools, cultural centres and other educational institutions and education. Soloists and ensembles without age restrictions may also report individually.

International House of culture in Międzyzdroje (cultural contacts you can find on our page of Culture)

Organiser Foundation Benefis