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19.06.2020 Artistic Summer - 16th edition of the International Project Caravan of Culture

Welcome to Gryfic for the Jubilee edition of the Caravan of culture. The festival participates in soloists and bands from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy/India, Uzbekistan, Israel, Poland.

Last year, an overview of the Artistic Summer of Culture Caravan (artistic summer Caravan of Culture) took place in the auditorium of the historical primary School building No. 1. In the Pomeranian Voivodeship. In a concert open to the public hearings of the competition, the inhabitants and visitors of Kamień Pomorski saw soloists and bands from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, France, Kazakhstan, Greece. It was instrumental music (including orchestras), stage vocals and classical, musical, theatre, dancing.

This edition was held in cooperation with the Kamieński Cultural House, Primary School No. 1. Bolesław Chrobry in Kamieniu Pomorskie, the Benefis Foundation of Wolin. The event is the patronage of the mayor of the Pomeranian Stone.

Limited number of participants is worth contacting the organizer on the application.

International Culture House in Międzyzdroje (contacts of cultural establishments can be found on our Culturepage)

Organizer of the Benefis Foundation