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30.03.2020 Planet's Children's International Festival in Tropical Islands

The International Children's Festival of PLANET Will take place on March 30, 2020. in Tropical Islands, Europe's largest tropical land. It's only 60 km from Berlin, so on the way to the festival or returning home you can organize a tour of the German capital.

Tropical Islands is worth going to the whole family, the whole class, the whole team - plenty of attractions for everyone and for every age. The organizer helps with the reservation of entrance tickets and accommodation.

It's an opportunity to show your creativity, share your achievements and get new friends. Dancers, singers, painters will take part in artistic presentations. Performances of talented children and young people and even the elderly will not be evaluated (the international festival is not of a competition character), however, each participant receives the prize. Diplomas and medals await you.

The Organizer invites participants without age restrictions to participate in the festival.


- dance,

- vocals,

- fashion theatre

- folklore,

- circus, artistic gymnastics,

- instrumental music

- art,

- chess

and others.


Buy-in: 15 euros per person.

Entrance ticket, accommodation, transfers from the lotnoska or the station - for an additional fee (can be ordered from the organizer).


Organizer - International Association "Goodness for Children"



+48 834 104 018 English

+375 29 727 77 70 Russian viber/whatsapp