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26.03.2020 19th International Competition-Festival AEDA-EUROPA

The 19th International Competition-Festival AEDA-EUROPA will take place on 26-29.2020. in a small holiday town in Hungary - Balatonfüred and in the town of Veszprém.

To participate in the artistic competition The organizers invite soloists and bands without age organics in various nominations:

- dance

- vocals, choir

- folklore

- theatre

- fashion theater

- instrumental music, orchestras

- art.

For participants are waiting diplomas, cups, gifts from the Organizers. Instructors receive thanks.

Entries for: 30 days before the start of the festival.


Porgram cost:

€140 per person up to 18 years old

€150 per adult

Included in the price:

- 3 nights with breakfast

- climate fee

- coordinator for group/translator

- visiting the resort/foot

- participation in the project "Dance House" (UNESCO listed)

- creative meetings/workshops

- surprise program "Think Dream"


Cost of participating in the competition:

20 euros per person - solo, duets, trio, small forms and bands

€15 per person - in art nominations

Included in the price:

- scene support

- refreshments

- diplomas, thanks



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