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15.08.2022 New Zealand, Wellington International Contest STAR BRIDGE SUMMER Poland-Wolin & New Zealand-North Island, The Islands Worldwide (online)

The aim of the event is to support talented children, teenagers and adults.

A unique competition that gives soloists and groups the opportunity to evaluate creativity by a highly professional international jury. Without going abroad, participants receive a diploma of an international competition and thanks to the instructors/teachers.

Remote participation via the Internet motivates the band and soloists to new creative successes without additional costs (arrival, accommodation, food).

Participation in this competition also promotes patriotic education – participants represent the culture of their country at the international level. Preparation for the competition gives instructors/teachers new ideas, participants new inspirations, a higher level of stage skills and experience.


·       presentation of artistic achievements of children, youth and adults;

·       developing artistic skills;

·       exchange of experience;

·       supporting the cultural education of children, young people and adults;

·       integration of professional artists into the amateur artistic movement.


No age restrictions, all nominations and categories.

Grading system - points (so-called qualification, not competition between participants).



·       vocal (stage, folk, folklore, classical, song theater, choir);

·       instrumental music (solo, small forms, chamber ensembles, orchestras);

·       dance (folk dance/styling, classical and stage dance, street dance, contemporary dance, dance theatre, sports dance and others);

·       theatre, small theatrical forms, recitation;

·       video blogger/reporter/journalist, video interview, video spot;

·       fashion designer, fashion theater, modeling;

·       circus art, artistic gymnastics;

·       visual arts (painting, graphics, decorating art);

·       other.


The number of entries from one participant is unlimited.

The competition is open to groups, interest groups, teams operating in schools, cultural centers and other educational and educational institutions. Soloists and ensembles without age restrictions can also apply individually (independent participant).



1) up to 6 years - Baby

2) 7 - 9 years – Junior I

3) 10-12 years – Junior II

4) 13-15 years – Junior III

5) 16-19 years – Junior IV

6) 20-25 years – Senior I

7) over 26 years old – Senior II

8) participants of different ages - MIX

9) participant – instructor/teacher

For beginners and for those who are taking part in competitions for the first time - in all categories regardless of age there is a category DEBUT.

Deadlines for applications:

STAR BRIDGE WINTER applications until 15*.02.2022 (diplomas and results until 28.02.2022)

STAR BRIDGE SPRING applications until 15*.05.2022 (diplomas and thanks until 31.05.2022)

STAR BRIDGE SUMMER applications until 15*.08.2022 (diplomas and thanks until 31.08.2022)

STAR BRIDGE AUTUMN applications until 15*.11.2022 (diplomas and thanks until 30.11.2022)


*The organizer may suspend the acceptance of applications

before the expiry of the period prescribed,

if the planned number of participants is exceeded.


Full regulations and a link to the application on the Organizer's website





Tel/ Viber / WhatsApp +48504631770