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01.06.2020 Baltic Music Race-XVI edition of the International project of the Caravan of culture

This year, on June 1st, in the context of the children's Day in Międzyzdroje will be held festival-competition Baltic Music Race (Baltic musical races)-the next edition of the 16TH International Project Caravana Kultury. This is the third year of cooperation of the harmonious team of organizers, in the previous year we celebrated 2 Jubilee-X Best Children's Day in the islands and the 15TH year of the Caravan of culture. The event is covered by the patronage of the mayor of Miedzyzdrojów.

The number of participants in this edition is limited, so it is worth to contact the Festival Coordinator on the application now. We invite dance bands, vocal, folk.

International Culture House in Międzyzdroje (contacts of cultural establishments can be found on our Culturepage)

Organizer of the Benefis Foundation