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23.03.2020 5th International Festival of Children and Young People AMBER CAROUSEL / Янтарная Карусель

23-26.03.2020 in the city of Svetlogorsk kaliningrad region of Russia will be held a competition-festival of children and young people AMBER CAROUSEL / Янтарная Карусель.

Age of participants 8-25 years and 25+. Solo. duets and groups.

Competition nominations:

- vocals

- dance

- instrumental music

Various prizes and grand-prix are provided.

Entries until 1.03.

The organizer proposes 2 options to participate in the festival:

- Full festival package priced from 8050 PIPES (Russian rubles; approx. 115 EUR). Included in the price: stay, food, participation in the competition, participation in workshops, admission to the concert gala, promotional materials, photos of the festival, evening entertainment program. Offers for groups 17+1 free of charge.

- only participation in the festival competition

groups - 2000 RUR/participant

solo - 3000 RUR/participant

Included in the price: participation in the competition, diploma, cup, promotional materials, photos of the festival.

Workshops in this option are paid - 500 RUR/participant/1 workshop.



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