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09.06.2020 International competition-festival "Prague Colors" / PRAGUE'S COLOURS

International competition-festival "Prague Colors" / PRAGUE'S COLOURS will be held in Czech Prague 9-15.06.2020.

Children and young people aged 6-26 (in some nominations age of participants from 6 years and adult nominations) can take part in the artistic competition.

The organizers invite you to participate:

- choirs,

- vocal ensembles and soloists,

- dance bands and soloists

- instrumental ensembles and orchestras,

- circus art (groups and soloists),

- folk bands,

- fashion theatres,

- theatre and musical

and others.

Participants receive Diplomas (Participant, Diploma 1/2/3 Degree, Diploma of The Winner 1/2/3 Degree, Grand Prix). There are also money prizes - 1000 euros (main prize), 100 euros, 25 euros.

Applications for 6.05.2020.

The cost of the programme 99 euros per person (2 nights, food, participation in the competition and workshops).

The program may be longer.

Organizer www.pitagross.cz

Tel. +420 608 910 515 whatsapp