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21.06.2020 55 International Choir Song Festival im. Prof. Jana Szyrockiego

21-14 June 2019. The festival is entered in the calendar of permanent international events of the Ministry of Culture and National heritage, located in the Register of the World Choir Music Union in New York, is also a member of the International Choral Network – International Association of Competitions and festivals in Europe. He collaborates with the International Organ Music festival in Kamieniu Pomorskie.

Choers entering the competition in these categories are obliged to perform any program with a minimum of three songs of contemporary music a ' cappella in this one song of the Polish composer. The notes of the Contest program are attached to the application card. The performance of the contest works is judged by the jury.

1. Children's choers up to 16 years

2. Mixed choers

3. Homogeneous Choers (male and female)

4. Vocal bands up to 16 people – male, female and mixed

5. Senior Choes

In addition, there is a competition in the Musica SACRA category – For all types of choir

Auditions for the competitions in the Musica SACRA category are held in the Church of St. George. The Church of Saint Peter in Międzyzdroje. The choir is obliged to perform a program of sacred music – presentation time up to 10 minutes. It is permissible to perform works with accompaniment

International Culture House in Międzyzdroje (contacts of cultural establishments can be found on our Culturepage)