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27.07.2019 XXIII Festival of contemporary folk culture. John Iwaszczyszyna

Presentation of folk music, singing and dancing as well as handicraft. In the Festival involving teams of singing, dancing and bands from the Polish Western and Northern. The goal of the event – documenting, inspiring creativity and promoting the development of folk culture is created after the year 1945 on the Western and Northern regions of Polish cultural continuity interrupted. These lands for more than 60 years a new culture of local, regional and folk. Residents make it based on their own traditions, old and emerging contemporary, this is particularly true of instrumental music, instruments, songs, dances and costumes to the presentation of the culture. The Festival creates a better chance of overall integration of artistic folk movement and the consultation with the Group of experts. For the study of current artistic creation of the villagers and small towns of the Western lands and Northern Polish Festival kamieński is a valuable field observation, where as the lens is focused owa works.

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