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Baszta Białogłówka in stargard szczeciński

Address: ul. Of Kaštela, Stargard Szczeciński

Keep your name adopted from zwieńczającego her helm Allen Cone, plastered on the white color. It was built on a square base, passing through in the shape of a cylinder. 30 m. Inside there are six storeys with lochem prison. Białogłówka Tower is a monument on the European Route of brick Gothic.

There is a medieval legend that tells how most men Stargard went to fight on the orders of the then rulers. In were only a few craftsmen, old men, women and children. The deserted city was attacked by unknown forces, which gathered under the tower. Helpless woman, noticing the enemy, took a small amount of weapons, and faced to the defense. Their fight against the prevailing enemy forces was lost in advance. Then fall into the idea that in large boilers boil the tar. When she was sufficiently hot, using the primitive elevators shed it on the enemy army. They were able to repel the attack and save the city.