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Bunkers Of The Shaft Of The Pomeranian

Address: ul. South, Wałcz 78-600

Tel: + 48 507786104

Bunkers Shaft of the Pomeranian is today an unusual tourist attraction to miłoścników and enthusiasts of history, but during World War II, were an important part of the whole other defensive fortification II.

on January 30, 1945, Wałcz old red army first. Before you have the strongest episode of the Pommernstellung, that is, the shaft of the Pomeranian, the German line of fortification created yet in the 1930s. the last century in order to defend Western Pomerania against possible attack from the Polish side. The fortifications of the shaft were pulling on over 200 km, mostly, however, were based on natural terrain obstacles. Under Wałczem this natural defense chain was quite Leaky, and therefore it was decided to go here "patch" a triple fortification belt, which consisted of an extremely robust shelters. The strongest of them, with large core and fire stations in the Clos Lucé, built at the end of the road on the saw (Group "Brickyard") and between the Lakes large and Small Hops Hops ("Marianowo") on the East and South-East of the city.

After the war, the shelters were first drained most of iron, such as the doors and the dome of the armored and thick plates other than shooting ranges, and then many of them blown up. What next after the war was troubling zawalidrogą, happened in the end of the monument of the past, which may be of interest to not only supporters of the military. Solid knowledge of the fortifications can be obtained at the Museum of the land of Wałeckiej, located in an old manor house at ul. Mailbox 14, which in their collections also has exhibits related to the history of the shaft of the Pomeranian.

In the area of the ruins of the Museum was organised Groups Keep "Brickyard". In the company of a guide, you can look into the core of the shelter B-Werk Ziegelei West (Brickyard West), which was a huge building with armoured domes and underground walkways.