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Central cemetery in Szczecin

Address: ul. Towards the Sun 125a, Szczecin 71-080

Tel: + 48 914848294


The largest cemetery in Poland and the third in Europe. Based on the nekropoliach in Hamburg and Vienna. In the cemetery growing 360 species of trees and shrubs, including 54 rare, so that the cemetery is also interesting.

Central cemetery covers an area of 167.8 hectares. The length of the main avenue of the Park is 12 km, side 60 km.  Cemetery was founded on the basis of a small military Cemetery from the period of the Franco-Prussian war in 1870-71. A relic of those times is the iron cross from 1873.

The construction of the Central Cemetery was started in the year 1900, and at the same time it was decided the first plantings of trees and shrubs. The author of the plan, the General layout of the cemetery and the building was municipal architect Wilhelm Meyer-Schwartau. The opening of the cemetery was made on December 6, 1900.  Between 1901-1903 from today's Street towards the Sun, a neo-entrance gate was built with adjacent symmetrically on both sides of the arkdami and side passages.  The main chapel was built in Romanesque style in the years 1900-1905. February 16, 1925 he was given for krematorim.

During the tour of the cemetery, you can see the m.in.: Boulder with a commemorative "in homage to the heroes of September 1939-Compatriots Szczecin 1989 r.", a stone dedicated to the victims of Stalinism, Katyn Cross, a monument dedicated to "those who did not return from the sea-1989." The cemetery has many historic tombstones.