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Address: the Chrobry, Szczecin

Chrobry visible from the main access routes to the East are the symbol identifying the Szczecin. This is the band lookout terraces stretching along the banks of the Oder river.

The whole assumption is one of the most interesting and the most monumental urban complexes-architectural with the beginning of the 20th century in this part of Europe.

At the top of the earthen embankments along the Oder river was a beautiful alley trees walking, completed at the end of the half squares. Just below them are two symmetrical way downhill running down along the earthen slopes, toward the center of the Foundation. On the transverse axis of the promenade was built slightly lower semi-circular terrace, supported by rustykowanym wall flankowany, two lower terraces, over which rises the lookout pavilions, shaped oval domes supported on ionic columns . In the middle of the Central Terrace erected a stone sculpture representing the fight a man with a centaurem. On the axis, in masonry retaining walls are drilled on a semi-circular niche, enclosed in two risalit on the sides, with niches for statues. At their foot are półkonchowe wells. This theme provides the backdrop for a large fountain. In the Crown of the wall, under a stone balustrade are emblems of the Pomeranian cities. Before the fountain was built two towers stylized lighting in lighthouses. The complex of terraces with the Bank of the Oder River two-speed escalators running after arcs along the retaining wall of the Central terrace.