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Fort Of The Angel

Address: ul. The yacht 158, Świnoujście 72-600

Tel: + 48 913213571, + 48 601767171

email: fortaniola@gmail.com


It serves as a Museum of military architecture of the exhibition archives and exhibits on the history of the fortress and port of Świnoujście.

Fort of the Angel is a Fort built in the Prussian 1854-58 years, was intended to defend the West complex of the fortyfikacyjnego from the land side. Construction: House rotunda, topped with a terrace and a. In the walls of the external openings for shooting range for light guns and small arms. Around the buildings ground shafts of an essay prntagonalnym with heavily fortified defensive gate, equipped with additional position rifle and artillery.

In the Fort are organised the event with bonfire, Grill, conferences, integration meetings. The Fort is a shooting range.