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Fort Western

Address: ul. The yacht, Świnoujście 72-600

Tel: + 48 508738118


The Fort was intended to defend against two hostile ships.

The construction of the Fort began in 1856. A year later was given for use jednokondygnacyją Reduta square ground plan, with 9 shooting ranges and 6 loopholes for small arms. The 1861 it became a moat. Protective wall was added, and a distinct natural shaft from the North. The shaft then moved part of the posts for the field.

The Fort has changed its name: from the WerkIV to the Batterie and finally on Westbatterie (battery). After the modernisation and reconstruction of the Fort in the years 1878-1881, 4 heavy coastal works.

Fort to explore has been made available in the year 2000. There are meetings, exhibitions, sports competitions. On site selling memorabilia and military.