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Gąski lighthouse

Address: Gąski 76-034

Tel: + 48 943165524, + 48 604803266


Is located just over 100 metres from the sea shore, near the road from Ustronie Morskie to Mielno.

Its construction started in the year 1876, and ended less than two years later.  The building is made of red brick, its base has a cross section of octagonal and diameter of 11.2 m total height round tower is 41.2 m.  Light this light is placed at a height of 50.1 m above sea-level.

Mounted it was originally Fresnel engine, where the source of light were oil lamps, and interrupted the light received through the three przesłonom rotated by the clock mechanism. In the year 1927 oil lamps were changed to electric. After the last war the lighthouse started in 1948 year by changing at the same time clock mechanism on the electric motor and the rotation period of 12 to 15 seconds. The current range of light is approximately 43.5 km.

The Lighthouse is open to the public. At its peak lead spiral staircase. From the top extends a picturesque view of the Baltic Sea, see Sarbinowo, you Fellows, Mielno and Unieście. At the base of the tower is a House-keeper, chutes for souvenirs and nicely landscaped terrain.