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House Loitzów in Szczecin

Address: ul. Kurkowa 1, Szczecin, 70-543

Tel: + 48 914880338

email: plspszczecin@interia.pl


Former residence of the Loitzów, the eyes of merchants and bankers. Currently houses the school of fine arts.

Originally it was a kind of czteroskrzydłowego, the Renaissance Castle was built in which bourgeois during the 1940s of the 16th century. Currently, the only preserved part of the mansion-West Wing-formed from the merger of two Gothic houses, which have inherited Loitzowie at the end of the 15th century. Applied here, scenery with profiled brick and kotarowe window arches, imitated decorating big House of the counts from the time of Barnim XI. After the bankruptcy of Loitzów in 1572 the year they passed into the ownership of the Princes, who put it into housing for courtiers. Surviving wing, a meticulously reconstructed, from the year 1955 is the seat of the school.