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Lighthouse Darłowo

Address: ul. East 14, Darłowo 76-150

Tel: + 48 601273317


With 22 meters high tower of the lighthouse was built on a rectangular in 1885.

The first mention of the darłowskiej Lighthouse dates from 1715, when city authorities decreed the setting lights on both sides of the mouth of the river Hogs.

This continued for many years, until in 1885 of the year at the base of the Eastern breakwater was built station building pilots along with adhering to it the Tower of square section. Is set to the retrieved from red light, which was about 6 nautical miles.

Another expansion was carried out in the year 1927, when it was added to the tower floor and metal is set to laternę, with mounted optics Prism, consisting of thirteen segemntów and mounted light source changer with two bulbs, each After 1000. Since then, the external appearance of buildings to this day has only cosmetic changes. Only when upgrading in 1996 the year listed is the light source on the 100 in halogen lamps, tungsten lighting in a six-changer.

Today the tower height is 22 meters and the range of light pointing the way to the port reaches nearly 30 km

The Lighthouse is open to the public. By going to her, the river crosses the Wieprzę after a unique lifting bridge.