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Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg

Address: Sea 1, Kołobrzeg 78-100

Tel: + 48 502058870


Lantern gives strong light visible from almost 30 km in the basement of the brick building is a very interesting Museum of minerals.

Kołobrzeg is located at the entrance to the port, is located on the right bank of the Parsęta.

The history of the lighthouse in kołobrzeg dates back to the 17th century. During the last war was blown up into the air by German sappers, because I was a good landmark for the Polish Gunners during the battle in March 1945. After the end of hostilities commenced construction of a new lighthouse.

It was built in a slightly different place than the previous one, using the foundations of buildings of pillboxes model (formerly the lighthouse has become a [1], the present is on its main platform). The lighthouse has now 26 meters high. The range of its light is 29.6 km. the current structure in 1981 he went through overhaul, changed the lens with a diameter of 50 cm on a rotating set of halogen. Also changed a wooden staircase inside the Tower on the metal.

In the basement of the Lighthouse is an interesting Museum of minerals. Inside the set is more than a dozen glass sites. On the shelves lies a few hundred crystal clear, cut and ground minerals from all over the suite. In the collection there are also specimens of krzemieni striped with during WWI, and a petrified tree.