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Lighthouse in Świnoujście

Address: ul. Bunkrowa 1, Świnoujście 72-600

Tel: + 48 913216063


Lighthouse of the year 1858, the highest on the Baltic coast. Today is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist attractions in Świnoujście.

The height of the lighthouse-68 m, beam range-ok. 46.3 km. With 300 spindles, is not only the highest lighthouse on the Baltic Sea but one of the highest in the world. As the only one in Poland, świnoujska Lantern emits white light but also red that is directed to the South and is aimed at marking the ships coming up the Oder, dangerous on this stretch of fairway. In the adjacent to the building in which the museum works, you can see a lot of interesting m.in. Diver dress weighing 70 kg, or a light bulb of the lighthouse.