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Lighthouse Niechorze

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Lighthouse Niechorze is located at the edge of a steep cliff with a height of more than 20 yards.

This is not only a valuable architectural monument, but also considered the prettiest building lighthouse on the Polish coast. Its basis is the quad with a height of 13 m Until it is octagonal tower finished cornice on which is mounted the laterna with an optical device. Light Lighthouse can be seen from a distance of over 36 km, thanks to a special light bulb with a power of 1000 W, which is 20 times reinforced by a special system of prisms.

Lantern in niechorze was established on behalf of the German Ministry of Shipping adopted in 1863. Boot was December 1, 1866. Not suffered during the last war, although after the liberation, it turned out that the lighthouse Germany installed 8 min which fortunately did not explode. After the end of the war, there has been a lighthouse boot with a considerable delay – 18 December 1948, whereas it also happen to be security, on which stands the lighthouse. His podmywanie by the waves creating a threat to the object. For this reason, this issue of the cliff with a length of 500 m was secured by a heavy concrete band.