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Music schools in Szczecin

Address: ul. Szczecin was 13, Szczecin, 70-561

The building is located at the corner of Staromłyńskiej and Łaziebnej. It is the former residence of the Dutch merchant Georg Christian Velthusena. Currently, it houses a team of music schools.

The building was built between 1778-79. An unknown architect modeled on baroque palace, Mauritius in the Hague.

The main façade is decorated with in the tympanum płaskorzeźbione putt carrying the barrel of wine, which allude to by Velthausena the composition of wines and wineries. On the façade side was placed under the Windows, then the decorative item-busts of ancient philosophers. During the post-war reconstruction of the building, replaced the heads of famous composers. Between 1874-1921 was located here known for its record of pianos G. Wolkenhauera.