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P. w. Church St. Peter and Paul in Szczecin

Address: Peter and Paul 4/5, Szczecin, 70-520

Tel: + 48 914338532


The oldest church in Szczecin, now belonging to the Polish Catholic parish.

The Church was built in the year 1124, during mission chrystianizatora-Pomerania. Otto-the Bishop of Bamberg. Built outside the city walls, as a wooden church, designed for the Slavic population of the suburbs. It was only in the years 1425-40 has become a temple of stone. A rich equipment once the medieval Temple nothing survived. The brick facades and in the sacristy have survived to this day the remnants of late Gothic decorations: ceramic konsolki, decorated with masks. During the siege of the Swedish Szczecin by Brandenburg in the year 1677, the temple has suffered significantly. During reconstruction, zkończonej only in the year 1702, destroyed the gothic vaults introduced a wooden ceiling with paintings of the brush by Philip Ernst Eichnera. From the 17th and 18th century 21 gravestones, placed inside and outside the Church.