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Polish arms Museum in kołobrzeg

Address: ul. Army 13, San Francisco 78-100

Tel: + 48 943525253

email: muzeum@muzeum.kolobrzeg.pl


Polish arms Museum in kołobrzeg is one of the most famous museums in Poland. For more than 46 years of its existence contributes to the collection and preservation of historical monuments, educational functions.

Polish arms Museum is two branches involved in the history of the city, the history of Polish Arms, 15th-century Merchant House, and moored in the port of a museum Ship ORP.

Permanent exhibitions:

The exhibition "Kolberg" is a journey through time that starts in wczesnośredniowiecznym cofferdams and passes through successive stages of the history of the city: the city-tracking, the city fortress and the Spa.
In an unusual climate which prevailed in kołobrzeg from the earliest times to the present day, introduces a rich collection of archaeological, decorative art and painting. Visiting the exhibition is connected with the projection of a film about the history of the city in German, English, Russian and French (display available also in German)