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Pomeranian Dukes Castle Museum in Darłowo

Address: ul. Castle 4, Darłowo 76-150

Tel: + 48 943142351

email: biuro@zamekdarlowo.pl


The Museum in the Castle collects exhibits from a range of home furnishings, decorative arts, ethnography of the Pomeranian, sacred art and art of the East.

The Museum is the Pomeranian Dukes ' Castle in Darlowo, which was restored on the basis of written sources and iconographic. Thanks to this restoration has solid Castle and interior layout with a reference to the beginning of the 17th century, and displaying the original architectural elements of Gothic phases. Particularly noteworthy are the reconstruction of the starry vaults in the Knight's Hall, the frieze and the blend on the north perimeter wall. More than this review can be rich in sacred art, which flourished on the Earth Sławieńskiej. One of the most important of its manifestations is an extraordinary pulpit donated by Princess Elisabeth, widow of Bogusławie XIV. Made from lime wood, decorated with figural statues and polychrome, richly gilded. The paintings on the balustrade and the body of the altar depict biblical characters, pentangular body supported on the figure of an Angel, and covered with a canopy. Decorative doors are ancestral coat of arms of Princess Elizabeth. Interestingly, the Museum also houses a sculpture ". Anna Samotrzeciej ", which was a prop in the film entitled" the Crusaders "by the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

In addition to sacred art among the exhibits you can see also Polish rulers medallions cast in bronze by Polish Kings Poczet Królów Polskich ", Jan Matejko, map of Pomerania by Eilharda Lubinusa at the beginning of the 17th century that draws attention not only huge dimensions, but also in its content and effects: meticulously reflected data, relatively high accuracy and a novel, as in the current times, how to pass data. Exhibits decorating the Interior of the Castle tell the story of the Castle and the land of Darłowskiej. Worthy of a look are the Gothic brick shaped from the Castle and the Church of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, a translation of Act and the skeleton of a cat alive zamurowanego as a victim of votive. The importance they deserve in addition, coins from the period of the counts, notgeldy-paper money substitute printed in Darłowo. The 20th century and the Pistons pieczętne city and Guild. The eye also attracts large colorful map of sławno County from 1936 onwards, as well as a collection of dozens of postcards with views of the Castle and the city from 1945 onwards.