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Railway bridge in Szczecin

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The only active railway drawbridge in Europe is now on the line the Central Port Szczecin-Gryfino, just before the station Szczecin named Podjuchy. Spina, banks of the river Regalicy.

Line Wroclaw-Szczecin was built in the years 1871-1877. Along with it was erected a bridge over Regalicy, which had four bridges, including one (outer side). It opened the way for a period of time. Due to the increase in the number of boats, this limited navigation. Therefore, in the years 1933-1935 performed a thorough modernisation, resulting in the bridge has obtained five spans-this one raised.

Lifting mechanism work bridge on an interconnected three phases. Each phase takes place only after the previous, what constitutes effective protection. After the turn, followed by disconnection of the track and moving along towards the fixed spans then moving the main bolt in the direction of the fixed spans and end-with the engine running is the main power unit. The drive is on two gears that moving the raceways and improve or leave the bridge.