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St. Michael's Cathedral. James The Apostle

Address: ul. . James 1, Szczecin, 70-543

Tel: + 48 914330595

email: katedra.szczecin@o2.pl


The Cathedral is on the European Route of brick Gothic. This is the most important Church in Szczecin. The second after the Basilica of lichen in terms of the amount of an existing Church in Poland.

The Gothic Temple of bricks built from the 13th to the 16th century.

Archcathedral Church. . James was sponsored by the Szczecin townsman Beringera in 1187.

The Cathedral has a valuable equipment (Gothic triptychs, gravestones, epitaphs), chapels dedicated to: Princes of Western Pomerania, MB of dawn, of remembrance for victims of Nazism and Stalinism, the soldiers of the resistance, the people of the sea, artisans, dedicated to Pope John Paul II and prymasom Polish: August Hlondowi and Stefan Wyszyński.

Archdiocese Museum presents this church in Pomerania. On the square in front of the Cathedral is the great Bell of the year 1681.