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Świnoujście lighthouse

Address: ul. Bunkrowa 1, Świnoujście 72-600

Tel: + 48 913216063

It was built at the base of the East breakwater, which covers the entrance to the port.

Its construction lasted three years and the first time that 1 December 1857 year. It has a height of 68 meters, which in the time of its formation was a major achievement. To modern times provides this primacy among the Polish Baltic coast and lighthouse and one of the highest in the world.

The lighthouse Tower is centrally located to trzykondygnacyjnego building. Technical rooms lighthouse keepers, are located in the building on the South side. Height of the tower is 64.8 m above ground, the ascent of light 68 m above sea level.

The source of light is a bulb rated at 4.2 kW. Due to the difficult conditions of navigation on the Oder, South of Świnoujście, lantern in addition to white light also emits red light.

The Museum of Latarnictwa and rescue at sea is situated in the adjacent to the building. Is open daily throughout the year See there can be a lot of interesting exhibits, m.in. Diver dress weighing 70 kg, with the cylinders after 12 kg each or a light bulb with the lighthouse with a power of 4.2 kW. Before the entrance to the building is set to the old fishing boats.