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The Centre of the Slavs and Vikings Jomsborg-Vineta Wolin

Address: Recław 37, Wolin 72-510

Tel: + 48 605640644, + 48 781004090

email: stowarzyszenie@jomsborg-vineta.com


The Centre of the Slavs and Vikings is a reconstruction of a medieval building Wolina created based on archaeological research.

The Museum is an extraordinary place, where you can feel the atmosphere of the pre-1000 years. It includes reconstructions of the remains of early items, such as dozens of chat, gate, shafts, shoreline and defensive fortifications. Everything is located in the city centre, is for tourists is available: can they all freely touch, enter to chat, sit on the benches, lay on beds, use it yourself variety of tools, etc. Through numerous presentations and productions, the visitors have the possibility of developments of the medieval life of the inhabitants of the village, and you can play the role of ancient craftsmen. There are numerous historical events.