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The Church of St. Nicholas in wałcz

Address: ul. Pope John XXIII 13, Wałcz 78-600

email: maciek12385@wp.pl

The history of the Church of St. Nicholas in wałcz dates back to 1303.

In 1863 he began construction of the present Church in neo-Gothic style, the East-West axis offset orientowanego in the South. The old church was moved 4 bells, the oldest of them came from the year 1659. Construction of the Church was completed in the year 1865. The Church is built on a Latin cross plan. In the nave and transept vaults cross-vaulted ceilings. The presbytery opens wide, an ogival, richly contoured Arch of the Rainbow. The window of the nave and the transept completed today made figural stained-glass Windows. Inside the Church are preserved items from the time of the founding of the temple.