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The Museum of coastal defence in Świnoujście

Address: ul. Bunkrowa 2, Świnoujście 72-610

Tel: + 48 503741307, + 48 913218626

email: muzeum@fort-gerharda.pl


The Museum of coastal defence in Świnoujście is Redicie Fort Gerhard-Prussian coastal Fort, built in the mid-19th century.



The Museum contains exhibits related to the history of the development of coastal defense, with an emphasis on the history of the development of coastal fortifications. The number of presented exhibits exceeds 1000. The Museum issues its own publications in the series "Notebooks Museum Museum of coastal defence in the Świnoujście", organizes educational and popularyzacyjnym story. The Museum carries out activities aimed at revitalizing other historic coastal fortification located in Świnoujście. Most of the exhibits are exhibits from private collections transferred to the Museum as a donation. In addition to private collections in the collection are, inter alia, the regional deposits with a Conservator based in Szczecin, the Museum of the fortifications of the shaft of the West in Germany, the National Museum in Szczecin and private. In the comfortable collection is over 1500 exhibits. Deserve special attention: Gun 8.8 cm SK C/35, Cannon 5 cm KWK 39 L/42, rocket engine "pirate". The Museum also has a unique world's first gun smoothly lufowa firing missiles in addition to brzechwowo-Panzerabwehrwerfer 600. It is worth noting also the collection of small arms, artillery and ammunition, including, inter alia, on the barrel, armor, and items Cannon PAK 40 with tank destroyer Marder III, and on the reconstruction of Cannon Ringkanone 15 cm Krupp.