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The Museum Of The History Of The Earth Kamieńskiej

The Museum of the history of the Earth Kamieńskiej was June 23, 2006, with the opening of the exposition in the kapitularzu Cathedral, showing the sights found in the attic of cloisters. Formally called to life by the City Council in Kamień Pomorski June 26, 2009, his temporary headquarters is the Chapter House of the Cathedral kamieńskiej and Bishop's Palace.

A collection of priceless art monuments consist MZHK Pomeranian as m.in: the Baroque baptismal Angel-one of seventeen, which survived until our time on Western Pomerania, 17th century balustrade of the Church in podkamieńskim Jarszewie or medieval crockery. grapeny.

In addition to these, there is also a variety of other exhibits.

UL. Adam Mickiewicz 34

72-400 Stone Pomorski

Tel 91 382 23 73