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The Museum of the shaft of the Pomeranian and World War II in szczecinek

Address: ul. Tadeusz Kościuszko, Szczecinek 78-400

Tel: + 48 604264488

email: 1945wp@wp.pl


The Museum is housed in one of the largest and best preserved Panzerwerków.

The Museum was created in July 2012, Collected here are collections of related fortifications, the fighting carried out during World War II and the Polish Army, which deployed in szczecinek, Poland after the war. Panzerwerk, European Parliament and the seat of the Museum, is an object of the class B immunity, which has walls with a thickness of 1.5 m, the dome of experienced wall thickness 25 cm, armored combat room plate 20 cm. It has two storeys and a total of 21 rooms, including: Chamber of Commerce combat soldiers, a decontamination room, flanking the, machine room, Chamber, room, rest rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and more.