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The Museum of the shaft of the Pomeranian in wałcz

Address: ul. Polish Army 99/19, Janet 76-600

Tel: + 48 507786104

email: skansen1945@tlen.pl


The Museum of the shaft of the Pomeranian was established in 2009 at the initiative of the Association year Forts Wałcz Lake District.



The Museum of the shaft of the Pomeranian was set up with a passion for history. And most of all to the memory after soldiers Polish, Soviet and German was still alive and up to date. On the grounds of the Museum there is a shelter research and observation, which is the best preserved shelter on the shaft, observation block believes building and barracks clock shelter. It is worth noting the remarkable monument located on the Gus, which commemorates the events surrounding the battle of Pomeranian. In the Museum you can see additional full uniforms Polish, Soviet and German, as well as equipment which had. Thanks to numerous pieces to get to know you the history of the fortifications, but also soldiers who built them, defended, as well as those struggling for their break. A whole bunch of exhibits, ranging from weapons, by small items of uniforms, a complete uniform and personal items until after the heavy doors had always constituted the type of 14p7 invites you to participate in living history lessons.