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The Palace under the Globe

Address: the square of the White Eagle 2, Szczecin, 70-562

One of the most impressive buildings in the square of the White Eagle to be the building known as the Palace under the Globe, today the seat of the College.

The building was erected for the insurance company "National" from 1890-91. Stood on the site of a magnificent Baroque palace from the years 1724-25, built for the Executive President of the province-Philip Otto von Grumbkowa. In the year 1759, the Palace was born Princess Sophia Dorothea von of Wurtemberg-later Empress Maria Feodorovna, the wife of the Tsar of Russia-Paul I. Great residences declined in the 19th century, until in 1890 was pulled down. In its place was the seat of the insurance company "National", also very turned out, and its rich sculptural decoration includes a number of symbols.

It is now the seat of the Medical School, and the Marshal's Office.