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The regional Museum. Andrzej Kaubego Wolin

A thousand years ago, Wolin - a powerful merchant republic - was one of the greatest cities. The Regional Museum of Andrzej Kaube in Woline is one of the oldest cultural institutions in our city. It was founded in 1966 on the initiative of m.in Prof. Władysław Filipowiak, a great researcher of the past of the Wovar land, who has been conducting scientific research here since 1952. His excavations gradually discovered defensive fortifications, the port, the suburbs, cemeteries, transport routes, as well as the former agricultural facilities of the city complex. It was confirmed by early medieval chroniclers that Wolin was one of the largest cities in Europe at the time, a city of the state, an independent commercial emporium with between 8,000 and 12,000 people. You can trace the entire fascinating history of Wolin in our Museum.

The museum houses archaeological, historical and ethnographic collections of the history of the city of Wolin and its surroundings. There is also a unique collection of photographs illustrating life in Western Pomerania after 1945.


Address: Ul. Zamkowa 24, 72-510 Wolin

Tel: +48 91 326 17 63, +48 695 746 832




Centre for International Meetings in Wolin (Dworek)

Tel: +48 512 189 979