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The regional Museum. Andrzej Kaubego Wolin

Before a thousand years Wolin-powerful merchant Republic-belonged to the finest cities. The regional Museum. Andrzej Kaubego Wolin is one of the oldest cultural institutions of our city. Was founded in 1966, on the initiative of m.in. Prof. Wladyslaw Filipowiaka, the great researcher of past Earth Republic, which since 1952, he led research here. His excavations have gradually developed defensive fortifications, port, suburbs, graveyards, routes, as well as former agricultural facilities of the complex. Corroborating information remains of early chroniclers saying that Wolin during its heyday (9TH – 11th century) was one of the largest cities of the then Europe, City State, an independent commercial emporium, in which lived from 8 to 12 thousand people. All of the fascinating history of Wolin can be traced in our Museum.

Address: ul. A castle 24, 72-510 Wolin

Tel: + 48 91 326 17 63

KOM: 512 189 979