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The Sea Fisheries Museum

Address: Rybaka Square 1, Świnoujście 72-600

Tel: +48 913212426

e-mail: muzeum@fornet.com.pl


The museum is housed in the oldest building in the city, the former City Hall. The museum has interesting exhibits of marine fauna and flora and tools related to fishing.

The exhibition "Fauna of the Seas and Oceans" consists of three parts illustrating the diversity of marine animal species inhabiting salt water in three climatic zones. At the exhibition "Fishing Gear" you can get acquainted with the history of fishing. The exhibition "Navigation Instruments" contains a collection of various instruments and navigation aids. The exposition "One Hundred Years Ago on the Beach" is dedicated to swine beach and ancient beach outfits. In the museum you can also see models of warships and get acquainted with the history of the city.