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The Underground Szczecin

Address: ul. Columbus 1, Szczecin, 70-035

Tel: + 48 914340801

email: info@schron.szczecin.pl


Shelter in Szczecin is the largest shelter in Poland during World War II.

The shelter was completed by the Germans in 1941 as the air raid shelter for civilians.  Building up it uses the old corridors from the 19th century. The shelter is located at a depth of approximately. 5 storeys below ground. Starting from the highest to the floor of the lower level measures 17 feet tall. The walls are made of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 3 meters and the ceiling has a 2.80 meter thick. The shelter has a 2.500 square meters surface area.

In the shelter are provided two themed walking trails: "World War II" and "the cold war".

Visiting time is 1 hour.