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Town Hall in stargard szczeciński

Address: old town square 1, Stargard Szczeciński 73-100

Stargardzki Town Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings of this type in Western Pomerania.

It was built in the middle of the 13th century. Originally ran its business merchants. At the end of the 14th century it was rebuilt and came here the seat of municipal authorities. Its present appearance of the Town Hall in 1945. Worth seeing is the outer façade, rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Now City Hall is the seat of the City Council.

In June 2000, on the front top of the mounted was sześćdziesięciokilogramowy the clock. Wydzwania on full and half hours. The clock is synchronized with the Atomic pattern located in Frankfurt am Main, using radio waves, without the need for adjustment. Every day at 8:00 pm. 12:00 pm from the Town Hall is heard the Bugle by Waldemar Cieslak.